Welcome to Schoolcraft County Transit Authority

Schoolcraft County Transit Authority provides safe, efficient, reliable transportation for all residents of Schoolcraft County.  Transit has operated in Schoolcraft County for over 35 years.  We provide on-demand service, which is door to door service at the time scheduled. We use a computerized dispatch system.

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Setting up a ride.

 If you are in need of transportation, please call us in advance to make your reservation. Calling ahead helps us to schedule your ride and to pick you up on time.  Same day call ins may not be able to get the scheduled time they request due to advance reservations.  We will do our best to accomodate your scheduled ride.      When you call to reserve your ride the following information will be helpful.

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Setting up your ride.

Your name

​Phone Number

Your Pick- up address

Your destination

Time you would like to be there

Time you would like to return

Any special needs you may have

Please Consider

When you have a ride scheduled, we ask that if you must change your destination, that you first ask our dispatcher.  We try to route our vehicles based on destinations and times, when you try to change them when you are on the bus, you alter times and rides of others.

Cancellation No-Show Policy

Cancellations must be called in a minimum of 30 minutes prior to your scheduled pick-up time, otherwise they will be considered a no show.  No shows affect times and rides for others, please be considerate and call in advance.  If you have a no show, you may still be charged the full fair as if you had rode.


We offer discounted youth and weekend passes.  Please call transit for more details.  ​Our computer is capable of setting up recurring rides for your convenience.

Exciting News!

Exciting news:  In partnership with the Sault Tribe of Chippewa Indians, Schoolcraft County Transit Authority and Delta Area Transit Authority (DATA) a regional run between Manistique and Escanaba has been established..  The regional run will consist of 3 trips per day, Monday-Friday.  The 3 trips will consist of a early morning, mid day, and afternoon run.  Please see Regional Route page for more information, or contact SCTA-(906) 341-2111, or DATA-(906) 786-1186


Director: John Stapleton

Deputy Director: Eric Perrollaz

Dispatchers: Sara Roberts, Megan Thomas

Mechanic: Ken Obrest

Drivers: Doug Weigel, Steve Boyd, Chris Brown, Bardo Neeson, Nancy Irie, Dave Groleau, Luke Hoholik, Karen Tufnell, Noah Frenette, Bryan Landis, Brooke Bouchard