A little about our business

About Us.

Schoolcraft County Transit Authority currently operates 11 vehicles.  Four are mini-vans, designed for smaller groups of longer distances.  We have 6 lift-equipped buses with capacities ranging from 13 to 29 passengers.  All of our lift-equipped buses can take two wheelchair transports at a time, and our largest one, can accommodate 5 wheelchair transports.      As of October 1st, 2016, we currently employ 19 people.  We have 17 who are classified as drivers, mechanics, and dispatchers, 1 deputy director, and 1 director.  We have 7 full-time, and 12 part-time employees.

Contact Us.

Dispatch:   (906) 341-2111    ​dispatch@sctransit.org

Director:   John Stapleton   (906) 341-2111   ​director@sctransit.org

Deputy Director:   Eric Perrollaz   (906) 341-2111   ​deputy@sctransit.org

Links for Schoolcraft County

Links for transportation in surrounding counties.

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Alger County (Munising)= www.altranbus.com  (906) 387-4845

Marquette County (Marquette)= www.marq-tran.com  (906) 225-1112

Indian Trails= www.indiantrails.com  (800) 292-3831